Benefits 2Are you receiving Disability Living Allowance? If you are you will shortly receive your annual letter from the DWP informing you of the increased DLA rates as from April 2013. Enclosed with this you may receive information on Personal Independent Payment or PIP which will be replacing DLA. Please note that this will not affect most of those already on DLA until 2015 at the earliest.

  • As from June 2013 if you are not already receiving DLA and making a new claim you will have to claim PIP; PIP is replacing DLA for new claimants.
  • Those already receiving DLA will remain on DLA and will not be reassessed for PIP until 2015 unless:
  1. you have a short term of award of DLA which is due to end before 2015. If this is the case you will be reassessed for PIP on your renewal date,
  2. you ask for your DLA to be reviewed (after 07 October 2013) as your needs have increased.
  • At present there are no plans to reassess those who are in receipt of DLA and are aged 65 over on 08/04/2013; they will continue to receive DLA.

Further information can be found on the Department of Work and Pensions website…

If you require any further advice on welfare reform or benefit advice please contact:  info [at] mndscotland [dot] org [dot] uk; Tel: 0141 945 1077