briefingMND Scotland has launched a campaign directed at the UK coalition government highlighting the terrible impact of welfare reform on people with Motor Neurone Disease (MND).  We call on the DWP and UK Government to address a number of specific issues that have very serious consequences for people with MND.

You can support the campaign by contacting your local MSP and MP with your own opinion via our website…

We call on the DWP and UK Government to:

  • exempt people with MND from the Work Capability Assessment, allocate them to the ESA Support Group and award full benefit, as it has done with those receiving cancer treatment.  100% of people with MND, supported by our team, are allocated to this Group.  Putting them through this stressful process is a waste of taxpayers’ money.
  • exempt from ‘the bedroom tax’ people who have had their homes significantly adapted for their needs; and/or are unable to share a bedroom because they need an array of medical equipment necessary to keep them safe at night.
  • automatically transfer people with MND currently on high rates of DLA mobility and care components to the enhanced rate of PIP.  It is medically impossible for people with MND to improve so reassessing them for PIP is illogical and a waste of taxpayers’ money.  Extend the timescale under ‘special rules’ that death from terminal illness can be reasonably expected from 6 to 12 months.  Without this, many people with MND will die before receiving the benefit they are entitled to.