Our 30th anniversary year began on 12 May 2011.

Twelve Months of Celebration

Supporters of MND Scotland joined one another, at the Palace of Holyrood House to celebrate our 30th Anniversary Year, in the presence of our Royal Patron, The Princess Royal.

A short film was shown, giving a brief history of MND Scotland, and illustrating the struggle faced by those who have personal experience of life with MND.

We hope to engage as many various groups of supporters and the general public in our celebrations and will keep you up to date with all our plans – watch the website, visit our fundraising blog, become a friend on Facebook, stay connected daily through Twitter and keep your eye open for media coverage. You will also be notified about forthcoming events and developments in Aware and special information through your letterbox. We hope you can join in – lets enjoy our 30th Anniversary Year together.

MND Scotland Early History

As the saying goes, ‘mighty oaks from little acorns grow’. In this case it refers to MND Scotland which will begin its 30th Anniversary Year on May 12th 2011. In 1980 we were still a group of friends fighting against the odds to send out pieces of Mosaic showing people affected by MND in Scotlandequipment from Candleriggs in Glasgow to people with MND. We were making connections here and there. Most had the appetite to back our founder, John MacLeod, in the struggle to find the official recognition we deserved. The following year all the effort paid dividends and we became Scotland’s only registered charity for people affected by motor neurone disease.

The MND Scotland 30th Anniversary Mosaic

Thank you To All Who Contributed!

The Mosaic reflects 30 years of people in Scotland affected by MND. People with MND, partners, family members, and friends donated portrait photos in order for us to put this emblem of a community who have had to live with this fatal and incurable illness. Current research is advancing continually, and MND Scotland has always aimed to provide the best possible support for those living with the illness. Lets hope together we will one day live in a world free of MND.

Download a high-resolution version of the mosaic [JPG, 10.3Mb]

30 Years of Progress cover30 Years of Progress

To celebrate our 30th Anniversary we thought it only right to highlight some of the major achievements and developments within the charity during these three decades. Our 30 Years of Progress publication [PDF, 2.3Mb] has captured a glimpse of all that has gone on.