Craig Stockton, MND Scotland CEO

Research has played a key role in the activities that MND Scotland has carried out. The research section of the website covers our most recent and curent projects that we have invested in and hope will pay dividends both now and in the future; to give us research results and hopefully stimulating new, young scientists to develop an interest in MND for the future.

As well as the PhD studentships, we now fund the re-established MND Scotland Register. This was the first register in the world to gather epidemiological data on MND and which provides much of the basic statistical information that is often quoted. We hope that the new data being collected will provide some answers as to why we are seeing a rise in the number cases of MND and will provide us with evidence of how the 14 health boards within Scotland are performing against the MND standards.

We don’t only fund scientific research. We have commissioned research which aims to identify the key issues of people with MND and how they receive services to help them deal with the condition. This research has taken place over two years and we hope to share the results soon. The information will be used to inform policy makers and aid in the development of future strategies for the organisation. Another main research project has begun to establish a new model of care for people with MND. The results of this research are currently being implemented in partnership with the NHS.

You can find information on previous research projects here.