MND Scotland is governed by a Board of Trustees who are elected from the membership of MND Scotland, with some being recruited for their specific skills or experience.

The role the Board of Trustees is to ensure that the resources of the charity are used effectively in the best interests of those affected by Motor Neurone Disease and in line with the objectives of the organisation’s governing document. They are responsible for setting our strategic direction and making sure the organisation meets its objectives.

Board members

Members of the Board of Trustees are currently:



Lawrence Cowan


Vice Chair:

Will Roberts

Will Roberts



Glynis Connolly




Gordon Aikman


George Gorrie

Dr George Gorrie


Graeme Hardie.jpg





Graeme  Hardie

Fiona King

Linda Reid

Carole Ferguson


The board and each individual member have the following responsibilities:

  • to ensure that MND Scotland is run properly, responsibly and lawfully in the interests of its members in accordance with its constitution;
  • to ensure that all its activities fall within its Charitable Objects;
  • to ensure that the charity acts openly and accountably by fulfilling its Charitable Objectives and serving the public;
  • to develop and agree the strategy and policies of the charity;
  • to agree and monitor financial performance;
  • to ensure that the charity has adequate resources to carry out its Charitable Objectives;
  • to guard against the liabilities of the charity exceeding its assets;
  • to ensure effective and accountable management;
  • to appoint, support and review the performance of the Chief Executive;
  • to keep up-to-date with relevant skills and knowledge;
  • to report accurately and promptly to the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator and the Registrar of Companies;
  • to report accurately and at least annually to the members of the charity.
  • to comply with MND Scotland’s Code of Conduct.

Registered office

The registered office of MND Scotland is at 2nd Floor, City View, 6 Eagle Street, Glasgow, G4 9XA