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How we spend your money

How your money helps: Support Groups

  Since we last wrote about support groups an awful lot has happened – we’ve gone from 5 support groups to 10.  We’re absolutely delighted to be able to offer this service not only in Glasgow, Renfrewshire, Lanarkshire, Ayrshire & Aberdeen, but also in Forth Valley, Edinburgh, Highland, Tayside and Fife. Each group meets every 2 months, and are designed for those affected by Motor Neurone Disease to support each… read more »

Tralee Chalet – How your money helps

A couple of weeks ago we talked a little about our new holiday facility for those affected by MND and their families.   We’re absolutely delighted to announce that the chalet is now open for bookings – have a look at the video below to see where you’d be staying!     MND Scotland board member Ann Kerr said  “The chalet’s in a beautiful situation, and the renovation has been… read more »

New holiday facilities at Tralee

  Since 2004 we’ve operated the Lang Break caravan near St Andrews (more information here: which offers a specially-adapted short break facility for those with MND and their families.    Last year our Board of Trustees made the decision to grow this area of our operation, and we purchased a chalet at Tralee Bay Holiday Park near Oban.  With the help of the RS Macdonald Charitable Trust, who’ve funded many… read more »

Our Welfare & Benefits Service is expanding

Our Welfare & Benefits service is expanding!  We’ve taken on a small number of Welfare & Benefits volunteers as part of a pilot project running in the Glasgow & Lanarkshire area.    The W&B service is much in demand these days.  We currently have over 120 of clients, and we recently took on an additional officer, Maggie, who you may remember from this blog entry.  With the changes that… read more »

Tesco & Telehealth

We’re very happy this week to announce that we’ve received a grant from the Tesco Charity Trust for over £18,000 to support a very exciting project that we’re running to support some of the most geographically isolated individuals affected by MND. As you probably know, the number of people affected by MND has gone up quite substantially – 50% in the last 4 years – and that’s seriously increased the… read more »

How we spend your money – Our new Welfare & Benefits Officer

The eagle-eyed or eared amongst you may well have heard about our new Welfare & Benefits Officer Maggie Edwards, whose first day involved presenting to the AGM!  Maggie will be working part time, covering the north and east of the country, and joins our full-time W&B officer Vicki Cahill, who’s been working with us since March 2009.  Maggie’s post is part-funded by the RS Macdonald Trust, long term supporters of… read more »

How we spend your money – The Library & Information service

One of our lesser-known, or lesser talked-about services perhaps, is the Library & Information service – run by Lynn Black. Based in the Patient & Carers’ centre, Lynn runs the library as well as fielding a variety of enquiries.  She’s been with the organisation for a couple of years now, but the service actually started in around 1998. The library is a wealth of specialist information on MND – for… read more »

How we spend your money – Social Research

One of the areas which our supporters are most interested in is MND research.  New developments, discoveries, progress being made, work being done to find a cure.  As you may know, we fund a rolling programme of PhD studentships, the current work of which you can find a little out about here: . What might come to mind when thinking about MND research is a test-tube-and-petri-dish picture, all lab coats,… read more »

What we spend your money on: Education – cookery demo

A few weeks ago I’d tweeted about attending a cookery demo for people with swallowing difficulties, being run by our Education officer Bob. And so here’s the blog, as promised… MND can affect the ability to swallow, and so both weight loss and choking can become very serious issues.  Foods often need to be liquidised or pureed, with the consistency being carefully monitored in order to avoid choking – not… read more »

What we spend your money on: The Care Team

It’s a fairly basic tenet of fundraising that you should tell people what you’re spending their money on, so to this end I spent an afternoon with one of our Care Team, Carole Ferguson (pictured below with a patient), to find out a little bit more about what it is that she does.  She’s one of a team of 5 individuals who work across Scotland to provide specialist advice and… read more »

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