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Training and education events

Event: Recent Studies and Diagnosis of MND

  MND Scotland Trustee, Dr Robert Swingler will be presenting on MND in Scotland at the ‘Recent Studies and Diagnosis of MND’ conference hosted by the Royal Society of Medicine and the Motor Neurone Disease Association. The conference will bring together top neurologists and MND specialists to explore recent studies looking into the diagnosis and early treatment of MND. Delegates will gain a better understanding of the key factors to… read more »

MND Study Day in Benbecula

One of the issues facing people affected by MND is the general lack of experience of the condition by many health and social care professionals who could be involved in their care. For example, it is estimated that on average a typical GP might see no more than one case of MND in a whole lifetime of general practice.   Recently it was recognised by a healthcare worker from Benbecula… read more »

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