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Personal Stories

Helen Kendall’s Story

Helen was diagnosed with MND in November 2013. Since then, she has created a personal blog about her experiences of living with MND  entitled  ‘Me and ‘Mandy’ my MND. ‘ As a retired museum curator, Helen has used her professional skills to categorize her experiences of MND in a very organised, thoughtful but often extremely  witty manner. You can follow her blog and sign up to receive email each time she… read more »

Betty Simpson’s Story

My Mum Betty Simpson, born in 1948, was diagnosed with MND in September 2009. It all started with a call from my brother one morning asking me if I had noticed any differences in our mum’s speech. I had been aware over a few weeks that I was having difficulty in picking up certain words but only thought it was my mobile phone signal or her tiredness after working night… read more »

Tim’s Story

This is the Story of the late Tim Lester. He was an enthusiastic supporter of MND Scotland. Fundraising, telling his story to the press and others affected by motor neurone disease. The early effects of Motor Neurone Disease can often be barely perceptible. Many people feel that it’s mad to visit their G.P. Tim Lester from Spey Bay in Aberdeenshire was enjoying a last minute deal in Egypt with his… read more »

John’s Story

John Mackie MBE was diagnosed with MND on 6 March 1998 and as a result, he was medically discharged from the RAF as a Warrant Officer in August 1998 after 34 years of service. John said his diagnosis was a “shock and a relief”. It had taken almost 2 and a half years to diagnose and he was almost 50 years old, ready to celebrate the marriage of his youngest… read more »

Nancy’s Story

The late Nancy Baird, from Drongan took part in an interview for Aware in 2009 which allowed readers of our official newsletter to get a taste of life with MND from the viewpoint of a sufferer. Nancy worked at a local hairdressers for 55 years when she began to feel the ‘drop foot’ symptoms associated with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), the most common form of MND. Her doctor told her… read more »

Eileen on Film

This is the first Personal Story we have posted since setting up our Personal Stories and Poems section. Eileen chose to share her experience of MND on film. To share your own story, please email bryan [dot] carroll [at] mndscotland [dot] org [dot] uk

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