This is ‘Moving Forth’, NHS Forth Valley’s collection of videos on You Tube. Click here to view ‘Moving Forth on You Tube’

Background Info

This is a resource designed to provide support and information for families and unpaid carers who are involved in moving and handling family members or patients at home. It is important to note that this DVD does not replace multidisciplinary assessment for patients with complex or difficult moving and handling needs.

Moving and handling is a crucial part of care for all patients. It is very important that moving and handling is carried out in the appropriate manner to prevent the risk of injury to both the patient and the carer. Caring for a relative or friend at home is a daunting task and moving and handling safely can often be a worry for many. Advice about safe ways to move and handle may enable an individual to be cared for at home as long as possible.

It is hoped that this collection of videos will provide confidence and support for those who are helping with basic moving and handling at home.

If you are unsure about any aspect of moving and handling, or feel you need help, please contact your Family Doctor, District Nurse, Community Physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist.