Time Out Grant

If you are currently affected by Motor Neurone Disease (MND), you may be eligible for an MND Scotland Time Out Grant.

This grant aims to help give carers and patients a break from their usual routine.

The grant could be used to give couples or families time together, or for the carer or person with MND to have time out to themselves.

Grants of up to £1,000 may be awarded and can go towards covering the costs of things like:

  • a holiday or short trip i.e. for accommodation, travel, insurance, meals
  • regular time out to meet friends
  • pursue a hobby, such as gym sessions or driving lessons
  • or just relax.

"This was a very helpful service and one that we all appreciated. It allowed us to spend quality time together as a family."
- used for a short break 


Time Out Grant Application Form

Please read the guidelines before applying.

(Maximum £1,000)
(e.g. accommodation, travel, holiday insurance, care costs)
Please be as specific as you can: (e.g. give intended holiday dates, or tell us if it is for a weekly activity, etc). Grants cannot be awarded without this information

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What is MND?

Motor Neurone Disease is a rapidly progressing terminal illness, which stops signals from the brain reaching the muscles.

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