MND is not infectious, but a small number of cases are inherited or ‘run in the family’. This type of MND is called ‘Familial MND and makes up between 5 and 10% of all cases.

If MND is being inherited there will usually be a family history of the disease having affected others before you. Very occasionally more than one family member might be affected by MND even though they are not blood relatives, for example your mother’s mother and your father’s mother. This is NOT familial MND as the two people in the example are only related by marriage.

If no-one in your family has ever had MND before you, then what you have is probably ‘Sporadic MND’. Most cases of MND (90 to 95%) are thought to be sporadic and experience has shown that there is little risk of the disease being passed on to future generations from someone who develops this kind of MND.