Each person who is diagnosed as having MND will be given the opportunity to meet an MND clinical specialist. This person has many years experience of dealing with MND and is an expert in the management of the disease.

The clinical specialist might be introduced to you at a neurology clinic after diagnosis, or should make contact with you within a couple of days.  The clinical specialist will assess what help needs to be pulled in from community and health services in order to give you the support you need to live at home.

Once the initial issues are dealt with the clinical specialist will keep in contact. If your circumstances or symptoms change it is important that you let the clinical specialist know about this change as soon as possible.

You will be looked after by a team of professionals which can include a neurologist, MND clinical specialist, occupational therapist, speech and language therapist, dieticians and district nurses amongst others. Members of this team will change depending on your symptoms and needs as the disease progresses.

If you or members of your family need to talk to someone then counselling can also be offered.