MND itself is not curable, but the symptoms that come with it can be managed in different ways. The only drug available to directly affect MND is called Riluzole or Rilutek. It is thought this drug slows down the progression of MND.

The symptoms of MND can often be managed by drugs or in other ways. In general MND tends to affect the following areas, although not every person with MND will have problems in all of these areas, nor in this order.

  • Mobility (walking can gradually get more difficult)
  • Hand and Arms (may become difficult to move and control) Speech (can become slurred)
  • Swallowing (may become difficult)
  • Muscles of the Trunk (tummy and chest may become weak))
  • Weight Loss
  • Changes in Mood or Thinking
  • Breathing (may get breathless easily)

Things can be done to help with each of the areas above.