Rule Number One

crystal ballIf you don’t tell your care team specialist about a problem, no matter how trivial it seems to you, they can’t help you with it.  Most symptoms and other problems associated with MND are well known to them and there are usually remedies available.

The website,, lists suppliers and prices for hundreds of specialised products likely to be useful to people living with disabilities.

If you see a product mentioned here that you think might meet your needs  search for it on the living made easy website to find out more about it.  At the time of writing all of the gadgets and aids suggested here could be found on that site.

The information contained on this site is not a substitute for professional or medical advice. The needs of individuals should be professionally assessed by the appropriate specialists and their advice taken as to whether a particular intervention is appropriate for the person.

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Hints and Tips for:

Moving and Handling Videos

NHS Forth Valley, in partnership with The Order of St John in Scotland and Strathcarron Hospice,  have developed a DVD entitled ‘Moving Forth.’  It  is designed to provide support and information for families and unpaid carers who are involved in moving and handling family members or patients at home. It is important to note that this DVD does not replace multidisciplinary assessment for patients with complex or difficult moving and handling needs.

It is hoped that this collection of videos will provide confidence and support for those who are helping with basic moving and handling at home.

If you are unsure about any aspect of moving and handling, or feel you need help, please contact your Family Doctor, District Nurse, Community Physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist.

 The DVD is available to borrow from our library service. Please contact the Information Officer by email at  info [at] mndscotland [dot] org [dot] uk  or by phone.

 Assisting a wheelchair user – booklet

Our library has copies of a booklet entitled ‘ What you should know about Assisting a Wheelchair User – A practical guide to helping a wheelchair user.’  The booklet is published by EBIS HSE and is designed for general guidance in assisting a wheelchair user.  We must stress that it is important to follow the specific instructions of qualified trainers, physiotherapists or the wheelchair manufacturers. You may cause an injury if you don’t use the proper techniques. Please contact us if you wish to borrow a copy.