• An empty half‑gallon plastic cylindrical container makes a handy floating support for the head and neck to allow shampoo­ing while the bather is reclined in a tub. Avoid overly hot water when bathing, since it causes fatigue.
  • For a dry shampoo, sprinkle cornstarch or baby powder lightly on oily hair and brush it out. Pull a nylon stocking over the brush bristles and brush vigorously to remove more dirt and restore the sheen to your hair.
  • Cylindrical foam can be purchased in yard lengths and attached or wrapped for extending or enlarging the handle of a razor, comb, toothbrush or other grooming tool. One end of a flat wooden coat hanger can be drilled to accept a pick‑type comb. This device provides a light and easily handled comb extension.
  • Liquid soap containers are convenient to use when attached to the bathroorn or shower wall. You don’t have to handle a slip­pery bar of soap or bottle of shampoo or hair conditioner. Make a slit and pocket in a thick sponge to hold a flat bar of soap. When you wash just squeeze the sponge to get the suds.
  • A toothbrush can be adapted for use by weak hands/wrists by cutting the middle rows of bristles down to half their height. With this modification the front and back of the teeth are brushed by the high front and back bristles while the tops are cleaned by the shortened middle bristles. Such a toothbrush can also be pur­chased through an appliance catalogue, as can an electric‑powered model suitable for those lacking the strength or agility to brush their teeth. Look for one with a rotary brush. It’s easier to hold in front of your mouth.
  • A washcloth mitten is easier for some people to use than a normal facecloth or dishcloth for washing oneself or the dishes.
  • A nail clipper and file combination can be mounted on a sturdy board, eliminating the need for thumb or pinch strength when using these implements.


  • Use baby wipes instead of toilet tissue. They are easier to hold and you feel (and are) cleaner when you finish using them.
  • Incontinence Pads worn at night can decrease the num­ber of times you have to use the bathroom. They can also be worn on long car trips.
  • A piece of semi‑flexible plastic (like that used to make small pocket rulers) can be employed to fold toilet tissue for use. The tissue is wrapped around two‑thirds of the length of the plastic (no sharp edges please), and the remainder used as an extension handle. Another way to provide an extension for cleaning your­self with toilet paper is to wrap the tissue around the working end of a pair of ordinary kitchen tongs.
  • Easy access to and exit from a bathroom can be provided by removing the door (and even part of the door‑frame) and hanging an opaque shower curtain instead. This ends the difficulty of opening and closing the door without sacrificing privacy. Offset hinges can also be used to widen the doorway without removing the door.