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Jonathan Bailey to ‘Trot, Skip and Cartwheel’ the London Marathon for Gordon’s Fightback

  Broadchurch and Dr Who star Jonathan Bailey is to ‘trot, skip and cartwheel’ the 2015 London Marathon in aid of Gordon’s Fightback. After developing ‘runners knee’ during training the star is under strict doctors orders NOT TO RUN. However Jonathan said he is determined still to complete marathon. Jonathon, who Best Man to Gordon’s partner Joe at their wedding in Edinburgh last month, said: “I need your help. One of… read more »

Mount Kilimanjaro 2015

  We’re looking for MND Scotland supporters to join us in climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in September 2015. It’s the highest mountain in Africa and the largest free-standing mountain in the world. The feeling you get as you climb Kilimanjaro and watch the sun rise over the vast African plains with other MND Scotland supporters will be a truly incredible experience – one you’ll never forget. This event, with Really Wild… read more »

Political penalties for MND

  In a rare show of unity today, both Labour and the Conservatives took part in a dramatic penalty shoot-out to raise awareness for The shoot-out saw Labour win 3 – 2, with Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy scoring the winning penalty. MND Scotland CEO, Craig Stockton, said: “I want to say a massive thank you to both the Labour and Conservative teams for taking time out of this… read more »

Opinion: MND support payments must be quicker

  This week our Communications Officer Gemma Bradley wrote a piece for the Edinburgh Evening News on Gordon’s Fightback Campaign and our current priorities for people affected by MND. Read the piece below:   This week Gordon Aikman gave an impassioned speech at the Edinburgh International Science Festival in a plea to all party leaders to ensure Motor Neurone Disease (MND) research funds are doubled. The last few months have… read more »

“Let’s dare to dream”

  In a speech at the Edinburgh International Science Festival, MND Scotland Trustee, Gordon Aikman will today outline a plan to find a cure for Motor Neurone Disease. He is calling on all party leaders to ensure MND research funding is doubled, Gordon said: “David, Ed, Nick and Nicola – the ball is in your court. This is it. This is our chance. I won’t be here next time round.… read more »

Hollyoaks MND story line

  Hollyoaks fans will tonight watch as Patrick Blake reveals he has been diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (MND). In Scotland there are currently 423 people living with MND. The disease affects the motor neurones – the nerve pathways which send signals from the brain to the muscles, when these become damaged all aspects of movement can become affected, from walking, talking, eating, drinking and even breathing. Patrick has been… read more »

Spring Aware Newsletter

  The latest edition of Aware has now been send out to all of our subscribers. You can view this online here Aware Spring 2015 This edition contains updates from our Fundraising department, news and campaigns, a feature “Giving People a Voice” which looks at Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) and voice banking, as well as comments on the Scottish Government’s announcement of doubling the number of MND nurses and much… read more »

Living with Motor Neurone Disease by Robyn Ovens

  Robyn wrote the following Essay for her Higher English, which describes, in he own words, how it felt when her Uncle was diagnosed with MND. “Monday 4th October 2010 is a day I will never forget. My Uncle was diagnosed with motor neurone disease and my life was turned upside down. The disease is a fast-acting, wasting condition, in more ways than one. The motor neurones are nerves from… read more »

Fernando Ricksen match raises £80,000 for MND Scotland

Our CEO Craig Stockton attended the Rangers training ground, Murray Park, today to receive a cheque for £80,000 – a quarter of the proceeds from the Fernando Ricksen tribute match. The match, on January 25th, raised an amazing £320,000 which has been split between MND Scotland, Rangers Charity Foundation, Fernando himself and his daughter Isabella. Held in honour of Fernando, who was diagnosed with MND in 2013, the match was… read more »

Equipment Loan Service

Although the MND Scotland headquarters has moved to new premises the equipment loan service has only moved across the road into the old headquarters office space. Unfortunately the service has not had telephone, email or internet access for the last two weeks as a result of the move. Apologies if you have been trying to contact the service during that time. I will respond to any communications as soon as they are accessible. If… read more »