If you live in Fife or Tayside, you might want to consider getting some support from our Befriending Service. We have a small number of well trained volunteers across each region who would be delighted to help you in a number of ways. Befrienders are trained to help both carers and people with MND. They can come to your home to visit you, perhaps allowing some time out for your carer, or just to spend some time with you. Volunteers befrienders will also be delighted to help you get out and about if that’s what you would prefer.

Examples of how volunteers can help you include, taking you out to do shopping, bringing local newspapers and help you read them, do computer work for you eg e-mails, write letters for you, take you out for a coffee etc.  The service is there to help you in whatever way it can.  You will have your own person and what you do and how frequently you see them is agreed on an individual basis to suit you and your family.

Recent feedback from a person with MND who has had a volunteer befriender for over 2 years, when asked to describe the service in 3 words said “Personal, sympathetic & flexible – it helps to make you feel less isolated and gives me someone to talk to who is not directly involved as family members are”.

If you think this might be of help to you contact Karen Thomson, Co-ordinator on 07725 423807 or  at  karen [dot] thomson [at] mndscotland [dot] org [dot] uk for more details or ask your MND nurse.