Useful Links and Resources

Here are some external websites and resources that may be of use.

Carers look after family, partners or friends in need of help because they are ill, frail or have a disability like motor neurone disease. There are many organisations that may be helpful to give relevant advice to make life easier.  

Carers Organisations across Scotland include:



 MND Scotland also has a network of Support Groups around Scotland that may be helpful too.

Below is our list of websites of organisations and companies which specialise in accessible accommodation and holidays:


Leuchie House

Equipment Hire

Euan’s Guide

If you have visited somewhere you would recommend to others, please post your feedback on Euan’s Guide.

Created in 2013, Euan’s Guide is a website where people can post their reviews of the accessibility of venues such as hotels, bars, restaurants, theatres and visitor attractions.  As well as tourism and entertainment venues, Euan’s Guide  features disabled access reviews of any place that is visited as part of everyday life such as post offices, railway stations, supermarkets and many others. 

You can search for reviews for areas that you are going to, and add reviews of places you have been. 


Health professionals are welcome to access our Information Service and Education Service to further their knowledge of MND.

The following resources may also be useful for professionals dealing with people affected by MND:

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