Prof. Cathy Abbott

Part of the MND Scotland research committee.

Scientist and Professor of Molecular Genetics


Professor Cathy Abbott comes from a background in science, specialising in genetics and molecular biology, with a particular interest in neurodegeneration. Cathy has recently been developing a new model which can be used for testing MND treatments.

"I was really honoured to be asked to join the Board of Trustees of MND Scotland. I’ve been a huge admirer of the work the charity does for many years now and, although I come from a background in research, I have always been impressed by the scope of the support provided to families affected by MND."

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“I very much hope to bring to the Board my sense of excitement at the new opportunities for research in this age of precision medicine, but without forgetting the crucial work being done in supporting families of those affected through daily life.”

Prof. Cathy Abbott

Prof. Cathy Abbott