Secretary of the Board of Trustees

MND Scotland is currently looking for five new Trustees to join our Board and within one of these roles we are also looking for someone to take on the additional responsibility of Secretary.

The specific responsibilities of Secretary include: 

  • Convening board meetings and ensuring meeting room/Zoom is arranged
  • Preparing agendas for meetings (in consultation with the Chair & CEO) 
  • Circulating agenda and papers prior to the meetings 
  • Taking the minutes of meetings
  • Overseeing the organisation of the Annual General Meeting 
  • Providing the Registrar of Companies with required information changes in Directors and associated details. 
  • Overseeing the task of providing the Registrar of Companies at Companies House of notification annual financial reports, where the organisation’s records are kept etc.

In order to undertake this role effectively it is important that you have a strong administration background and are proficient in the use of MS Outlook, word and excel.

To find out more about the five Trustee positions currently available please click here.