The last few weeks have been incredibly difficult for the whole country. But for people with MND the worries and challenges have been amplified many times over.

People with MND are already under attack from a most cruel and devastating disease. One which threatens their freedom and security on every level – emotionally, physically and financially.

With the outbreak of coronavirus, these same individuals are now under threat from a second disease, which is particularly dangerous for anyone with an underlying health condition, like MND.

To make matters even worse, social-isolation measures (while essential) are placing huge restrictions on the care and support many rely on every single day. Even basic companionship, like having a friend or loved one pop round to say hello, is now an impossibility.

We need your help to
stay connected

That’s why we are launching
MND Scotland Connected:

3 essential services
with the power to change lives

MND Scotland Connected is our emergency hub, refocusing uninterrupted services with one clear objective: To make sure that no one goes through MND alone while the country is on lockdown.

One-To-One Phone Support

Phone Support

Video Support >Groups

Video Support

Emergency Financial Grants

Financial Grants

In times of crisis, just knowing someone
is there can make a huge difference

Robert Elliot
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A heartwarming experience

"After weeks of self-isolation, MND Scotland reached out and connected me with other people with MND through a video support group. It's heart-warming to be able to speak to other people who live with MND and share experiences on how to get through this terrible experience."

– Robert Elliot

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Thank You

In these uncertain times, we are delighted that MND Scotland’s Connected Services are making such a big difference to people’s lives and giving our community something to really rally behind.

I know the current state of our economy has impacted many of you in profound ways, but if you're able to give, we hope you'll consider donating to our appeal.

Thank you for your support.

Iain McWhirter's Signature'

– Iain McWhirter, Head of Fundraising

No one deserves to go
through MND alone