Charitable Trusts

Grants from charitable trusts and foundations are a vital source of funding for MND Scotland

Trusts are established in order to distribute income to good causes. Many are family trusts, set up in a bequest or in memory of an individual, and others are the charitable arm of a business.

Trusts often specify the type of work they wish to support and, because of the range of services we offer, MND Scotland is well-placed to submit applications targeting their interests. For example, we receive grants from trusts wishing to help people affected by MND by fund our services, or grants to help fund research into a cure.

Every grant received has given direct help those affected by MND in Scotland, and we are deeply grateful for the kindness and generosity of the charitable trusts and foundations, who have supported the work of MND Scotland.


Albert Hunt Trust
Andrew Paton’s Charitable Trust
Appletree Trust
Bank of Scotland Foundation
Broughton Charitable Trust
Cruden Foundation
DWT Cargill Fund
David Stevenson Trust
Dunclay Charitable Trust
Evelyn Drysdale Charitable Trust
Gamma Trust
Heather Hoy Charitable Trust
IBB Trust
J & J R Wilson Trust
J K Young Endowment Trust
JMA Trust
JTH Charitable Trust
James Wood Bequest Fund
Leng Charitable Trust
Lynn Foundation
Mrs M A Black’s Charitable Trust
M V HillhouseTrust
Margaret Murdoch Charitable Trust
Martin Connell
Mary Leishman Foundation
Mickel Fund
Netherdale Trust
Northwood Charitable Trust
P F Charitable Trust
Peter Brough Bequest Fund
Princess Anne’s Charities Trust
R J Larg Family Trust
Ronald Miller Foundation
St Katharine’s Fund
Sir Iain Stewart Foundation
Sir James Miller Edinburgh Trust
Souter Charitable Trust
Talteg Limited
Tay Charitable Trust
Templeton Goodwill Trust

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