One of the shortest sponsored walks in the world!

Are you brave enough to walk across 20 feet of broken glass for MND?

MND Scotland is introducing a brand new event to feature alongside the MND Scotland Firewalk on Friday 12th October at Hampden Park.

For the MND Scotland Glasswalk you'll be walking across 20 feet of razor-sharp shards of glass from a thousand broken wine bottles - without experiencing any pain or injury.

The Glasswalk aims to give you the chance to conquer your fears, boost your self-esteem and turn your anxieties into positive action. You'll receive all the training you need on the night, during a motivational pre-Glasswalk session that will give you the confidence to complete the challenge.

Registration is only £20, with a minimum sponsorship of £125.


Glasswalk only: £20 registration, £125 minimum sponsorship

Glasswalk and Firewalk: £30 registration, £250 minimum sponsorship

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