Fundraise at Work

Fundraising at work can be fun, motivating and is great for team building!

There are loads of ways you can get your workplace involved in raising money to fight Motor Neurone Disease (MND).

Companies can support us as their Charity of the Year, and this can help give your business a focus for your fundraising activities.

We'll work closely with you to provide a wide range of fundraising opportunities which can be communicated to employees, and we'll help make it as fun and rewarding as possible.

We will make it easy for your employees to get involved, and provide support, advice, and personalised fundraising materials for everyone who chooses to support us. We know that it’s not all about running marathons or jumping out of planes, so we’ll offer a range of easily accessible activities to suit everyone. 

The links on this page will give you more information about how we can work together to create a mutually rewarding and beneficial partnership.


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