Workplace Fundraising

Get your colleagues involved – it’s surprisingly easy, and there are lots of things you can do.

Fundraising at work is a great way to help MND Scotland, and it’s also a great way to add a little fun to the office at the same time.

There are lots of different ways to fundraise at work. You could organise a;

  • Dress-Down day where everyone simply makes a donation to wear what they like for the day.
  • Raffle. You’ll be surprised how generous local business can be if you ask them to donate prizes, and then you just need to sell raffle tickets to your colleagues. (If you’re going to sell tickets outwith your workplace you’ll need to get in touch with us first though, as there are legal restrictions on this.) Why not ask your boss to donate a day off, and raffle it! Who wouldn’t buy a raffle ticket to win a day off? 
  • Hold a coffee morning or bake sale! 
  • Sponsored events. The more bizarre the idea, the more interest you’ll get – and there’s always someone who will volunteer to take part!

Make sure you let your employer know before you start though, as prior permission needs to be given in most workplaces. 

Then ask your employer if they’ll get involved, as many companies will match the amount of funds that you manage to raise.

Team challenges

Motivational and team building events can be easily combined with fundraising. Individual employees or teams can get involved in a wide range of events and activities, and at the same time make a vital contribution to MND Scotland.

Individual Events

Whether you want to run, walk, trek, cycle, skydive, abseil or even swim with sharks, you can find the perfect event for you to get involved in.

Team Events

We can organise a day to meet the needs of your team, and have experience in managing events ranging from parachute jumps, bungee jumps, firewalks, and even shark dives.

There are also opportunities to get involved in a relay team, overseas challenges or group cycling events. Find out what’s happening and join Team MND Scotland.

Whatever you want to do, please get in touch and we’ll do everything we can to ensure the success of your event.

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