Leave a Gift in Your Will

A gift in your will can fund the research that takes us a step closer to a cure.

Gifts in Wills fund cutting-edge research which is taking us a step closer to a cure.

Providing for your family and friends is the most important consideration when making your will. If you are also able to consider leaving a gift to MND Scotland, no matter how small, you would be giving hope for future generations. 

Gifts in wills (legacies) have played a vital part in funding MND Scotland’s work for the last 35 years. For many people, it’s a way of continuing a lifetime of support for the charity.

By leaving us a gift in your will, you can help people affected by MND receive the support they need and fund vital research to find a cure.

We can, we must, and we will find a cure. Your gift can make this a reality.

Having an up-to-date and accurate Will is very important. It’s the only way to ensure that your wishes are carried out, and that the people and causes you care about are looked after.

We always recommend that you prepare your Will through a solicitor. This is the best way to ensure it’s accurate, legally binding and that it truly fulfils your wishes.

If you don't already have a solicitor, the Law Society of Scotland can help you find one. 

  • Make a list of your assets and estimate the value of your estate
  • Make a list of what you owe, considering debts such as any outstanding mortgage, loans or bills
  • Decide who you would like to benefit from you will, and what you want them to have
  • Choose your Executor who will ensure the terms of your Will are carried out
  • Meet your solicitor who will draft your will
  • Keep it safe and up to date. Most people prefer to keep a copy with their solicitor and to keep their own copy in a safe place the Executor of the Will knows about. You should review your Will every five years or after any major life events, such as getting married or divorced, becoming a parent or grandparent or moving house

There are a number of ways to leave gifts to the people and charities that you want to include in your Will. The most common ways are below, and your solicitor will be able to advise of those most suitable for you.

Cash gift

Also known as a pecuniary gift, this is usually a fixed sum of money but can also be a fixed percentage of the value of your estate.

Specific gift

This is a gift of a particular item, for example a house, a piece of furniture or a piece of jewellery. It’s important that the gift is described precisely in your Will so that your executors can understand exactly what you intend.

Residuary gift

This is a percentage of the total value of your estate after all other gifts have been made and debts cleared. The percentage remains unchanged if the value of your estate rises or falls over time. Many people choose to leave charitable legacies as a residuary gift for this reason. 

Specific wording

Please remember that the full name of the charity – MND Scotland – must appear if you wish your gift to be used to help people living with MND in Scotland. The Motor Neurone Disease Association is a separate charity covering England, Wales and Northern Ireland only. It is particularly important if you live outside Scotland to ensure that your solicitor includes MND Scotland’s full name and charity number (SC 002662) in your will. It is also useful to add our address.

Inheritance Tax is paid on the value of any assets you leave, although gifts to charities are generally exempt from Inheritance Tax.

To find out more about inheritance tax and estate planning, please talk to your solicitor to see how the rules might affect you and your loved ones.

 For more information on leaving a gift in your will, please contact us on 0141 332 3903 or email fundraising@mndscotland.org.uk



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