Get MND on the List

We need your help to ensure everyone living with MND in Scotland is added to the Covid-19 shielding list.

We're calling on the Scottish Government to include all people with motor neurone disease (MND) on the NHS shielding list of those ‘extremely vulnerable’ to Covid-19.

Four weeks ago, we expressed our disappointment and concern that people with MND were not being included on the UK government’s shielding list for those who are ‘extremely vulnerable’.

This means that people with MND will not be prioritised for supermarket delivery slots, or for emergency food and medicine parcels. This is at a time when people with MND are doing everything they can to protect themselves and their loved ones against Covid-19, including strict self-isolation measures.

Northern Ireland’s Chief Medical Officer has since deviated from the UK guidance, to include all people with MND on the shielding list.

It’s time for the Scottish Government to shield people with MND from the risks of Covid-19.

We’ve written to Jeanne Freeman, the Scottish Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport, to call on her and the Scottish Government to define people living with MND as being 'extremely vulnerable' as a matter of urgency, so they can be added to the 'shielding' list. This will ensure that people living with MND in Scotland have access to vital support.

What can I do?

Now, more than ever, people with MND need support. Help us spread the word that people with MND are being left without adequate support and help us encourage the Scottish Government to take action now.

Option 1

  1. Download and print our selfie panel, or simply use a blank piece of paper
  2. Write your message (see suggested messages below)
  3. Take a selfie or short video with your phone
  4. Post it on your Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook account using the hashtag #GetMNDonTheList
  5. Don’t forget to tag @MNDScotland so we can share your selfie

Option 2

  1. Download our Twitter graphic
  2. Share on Twitter with your message (see suggested messages below)
  3. Use the hashtag #GetMNDonTheList
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Suggested messages

For supporters:

  • People with MND are extremely vulnerable to Covid-19.
  • MND is a rapidly progressing terminal illness and must be added to the Scottish Government’s shielding list for people 'extremely vulnerable' to Covid-19.
  • People with MND do not qualify for priority food delivery slots. It’s unacceptable.

For people with MND:

  • I have MND and I am missing out on essential support such as (X) because I am not on the Scottish Government’s shielding list for Covid-19.
  • I am extremely vulnerable. Please #GetMNDonTheList
  • I have MND and I am struggling to get my food and medicine delivered to me

If you're struggling during this crisis due to a lack of support, please get in touch with us at policy@mndscotland.org.uk or call us on 0141 332 3903.

quote marks

“I have MND and I'm not on the shielding list. I've been self-isolating for over 5 weeks, and so has my wife Shirley, because she's scared of bringing Covid-19 into our home. We're relying on my daughter, who is already under huge pressure, working full-time from home and looking after our 20 month old granddaughter. Now she has to fit in food shopping for us because it is impossible to get a delivery slot without having priority. I'm most worried about what will happen if my daughter can no longer support us - we have no one else to ask.”

Colin Jones | Aberdeenshire

Colin Jones | Aberdeenshire