Gordon's Fightback

"I'm dying. And fast. That ‐ in short ‐ was what my doctor told me when I was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease." - Gordon Aikman, lost his battle with MND in 2017.

Gordon's Fightback

Motor Neurone Disease (MND) patient and campaigner, Gordon Aikman, lost his battle with the illness at the age of 31.

Soon after his diagnosis, he founded Gordon's Fightback, a campaign  to lobby for better care for people with the condition.

Gordon was a Trustee of MND Scotland and raised over £500,000 for MND Scotland to invest in vital research that is helping take us a step closer to finding a cure.

Gordon worked closely with MND Scotland and key organisations, such as the Scottish Government, to ensure his campaign asks were met:

  • Pay MND nurses from the public purse
  • Double the number of MND nurses
  • Guarantee MND patients a voice
  • Pay carers a Living Wage
  • Double MND research
  • Fast-track benefits
  • Outlaw care charges
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“I don't want pity. All I want is for you to take action to help fund a cure and fight for better care for people with MND. It'll be too late for me, but we must ‐ and with your help we will ‐ find a cure for the next generation. With your help I can turn a negative into a positive.”

Gordon Aikman, passed away from MND in 2017