Manifesto for People Affected by MND

MND Scotland produced a Manifesto for People Affected by MND for the 2016 Scottish Parliament elections.

Manifesto for People Affected by MND

Our manifesto was developed alongside people with the illness, their families and carers.

Four key themes emerged and we called on political parties to make the following commitments: 

  • Prioritise research into MND
  • Ensure the needs of those affected by MND are met now
  • Support carers
  • Alleviate the financial burden of MND

You can download the full manifesto here.

What we did

Before Christmas 2015, we sent our manifesto to all the main political parties asking them to consider it in their own manifesto development. We also asked our supporters to contact their local candidates to encourage them to pledge their support for our manifesto. 

What happened?

  • All the main political parties included aspects of our manifesto in their own manifestos for the elections
  • 109 candidates pledged their support, of which, half were elected
  • The SNP, now Scottish Government, committed to funding 3 MND PhD research studentships. The pledge became a reality soon after the 2016 summer recess with the commitment to fund the research studentships featuring in the Scottish Government's Programme for Government 2016-17 and an advertisement for research proposals from the Chief Scientist's Office, just days later.

What's next? 

MND Scotland will work with all MSPs over the coming years to move forward on the commitments made in their party manifestos. We will also continue campaigning on the other issues highlighted in our Manifesto and we'll keep you updated. 

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“MND Scotland's Manifesto for People Affected by MND ensures that all MSPs, new or returning, have a greater understanding of MND, the needs of people affected by the illness, and what they can do, as politicians, to help improve their lives.”

Christina McKelvie MSP

Christina McKelvie MSP

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