General Election 2017 Manifesto

MND Scotland launched a manifesto for the General Election in 2017.

About MND

Motor Neurone Disease (MND) is a rapidly progressing terminal neurological illness. Symptoms can include losing the ability to walk, speak, eat and breathe unaided.

Currently, 450 people are living with MND in Scotland and almost 200 are newly diagnosed each year. From diagnosis, average life expectancy with MND is just 20 months.

MND Manifesto 2017

We called on all parties and candidates in Scotland to make these commitments:

1. Double MND research funding to help find a cure:

The Scottish Government has already committed to this. The UK government should do so too.

2. Effectively fast track welfare benefits for people with MND:

Give automatic entitlement to disability benefits, like Personal Independence Payment (PIP), and lifetime awards to those with MND.
MND is rapidly degenerative and people with the illness cannot improve.

Stop reassessments for PIP for people with MND.
Those with the illness will only deteriorate so reassessing them for benefits they already qualify for makes no sense.

Exempt people with MND from the Work Capability Assessment (WCA)
All people with MND, supported by our team, are allocated to the Employment Support Allowance (ESA) Support Group. Putting them through the WCA process is highly stressful and a waste of taxpayers’ money.

Increase the rate of Carers Allowance to at least match ESA
Those who care for their loved ones through this devastating illness deserve at least this basic level of financial support.

Remove the requirement to have 12 months left on awards for benefits like PIP from the Motability Scheme.
People with MND who have less than 12 months left on their current PIP claim are prevented from accessing Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles when they need them.


About MND Scotland

MND Scotland is the only charity funding research and providing care and information for people affected by Motor Neurone Disease in Scotland.
For further information, please contact:

Susan Webster
Head of Policy and Campaigns
MND Scotland, 2nd Floor, City View, 6 Eagle Street, Glasgow G4 9XA
Tel: 0141 332 3903     Email: susan.webster@mndscotland.org.uk


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