Information for MAC users

Not all communication aids and software is compatible with MAC products, so here's some information to help.

Many of the devices produced to replace a computer’s mouse and keyboard for communication aid users are designed to work with Microsoft’s Windows Operating System and are not compatible with Apple’s various operating systems. Similarly, iPads use a different operating system from Macs so the apps available for them are not always available for the Mac. For these reasons Mac users are not particularly well served when it comes to communication aids. 

Eye Gaze

EyeTwig’s iTracker is a program designed to work on the Mac operating system found in MacBooks and similar Apple products.  iTracker uses the built in webcam to identify head movements and converts these into on-screen cursor movements.

By dwelling the cursor on an on-screen keyboard it is possible to type what you want to say and by using the Mac’s built in text to speech function the device can speak for you.  Claro software’s product “FaceMouse” works on the same principle for Windows OS.

iTracker also supports “Drag and Drop” as well as left, right and middle, single and double clicks. 

Mouse Control

Naturalpoint’s SmartNav 4 has an option to operate with Mac OS.  However, in order to obtain the correct software appropriate to your version of the Mac OS you should carefully check out the RJ Cooper website who are the developers of the Mac software for the SmartNav 4.

The makers of the Quha Zono say it is compatible with all available computers and almost all tablets and smartphones.  In a notice they point out that Apple iOS devices, iPads and iPhones, do not support mice as input devices, so it will not work with those. 


CereProc and Acapela both produce voices specifically for Apple Macs.

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