Making a will and more

We can help you plan ahead and make your wishes known through a will, Power of Attorney (PoA) and an Advance Directive.

Once you have been given a diagnosis of MND, it’s important to consider planning ahead. We know this can be very difficult to think about but we want to ensure you are prepared and in control of your wishes.

Making plans when you’re healthy means there is less to think and worry about should you become too unwell to discuss them.

Speaking with your family, friends and healthcare professionals can help you decide what things are important to you.

We can support you to make your wishes known through a will, Power of Attorney (PoA) and an Advance Directive. This service is free of charge and is also available to your spouse or civil partner.

Just fill in our short form below and we will refer you to our chosen law firm.

Making or reviewing your will

It is important for you to make a will whether or not you think you have many possessions, property or much money.

If you die without making a will there are certain rules which dictate how your money, property or possessions will be allocated. Without a will, your money or possessions may end up being distributed in a way that you would not have wished.

Appointing a Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney (PoA) lets you nominate someone you trust to make decisions about your health or finances should you become incapable of making decisions about your own affairs.

You may also include a ‘Letter of Wishes’ which would record things like the clothes you prefer to wear, or the television programs you enjoy. This can help people care for you should the time come when you need some help to look after yourself.

Advance Directive

An Advance Directive is a document which gives you control over the care you might wish to receive from healthcare professionals. You cannot demand to be given any specific medical treatments, however you do have the right to refuse certain treatments, for example CPR/resuscitation.


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Application Form - Wills, PoA and Advance Directive

Please note: We will only cover the cost of a Basic Will. If your Will is complex, then you may be asked to make a contribution to the cost. Only the specific legal work mentioned above and carried out by our partner, Solicitors for Older People, are covered by this service.

Our Forward Planning Pack includes a basic will, a Power of Attorney and an Advance Directive):

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This service is offered in partnership with Solicitors for Older People Scotland, a group of Scottish Law firms dedicated to providing legal services in a caring and sensitive way. The service is part-funded by the My Name’5 Doddie Foundation.