MND Scotland has introduced a physiotherapy programme for people with Motor Neurone Disease (MND).

Unfortunately some of our services have been affected due to Coronavirus. Please click here for all the updates.

Physiotherapy can help you stay independent for longer and improve your quality of life. It may help you manage pain and maintain existing movement of your limbs for as long as possible.

Physiotherapists can provide a range of tailored assisted motion exercises to help with circulation and the reduction of muscle aches and pains.

Physiotherapists can also provide advice on manual handling and techniques on how to avoid falls or rise up from a chair.

Due to Government rules on social isolation and social distancing we are currently unable to offer face to face services for the foreseeable future. We can, however, offer you remote sessions with a physiotherapist via Zoom video calls. This remote format will require each service user to have a carer or family member in attendance for each session in order to physically assist with the assigned exercises.

What can a physiotherapist do for me?

  • Help prevent joint stiffness and maintain joint mobility as long as possible.
  • Help to keep muscles not affected by MND healthy to better support the weak muscles.
  • Injury advice and treatment not due to loss of motor neurones.
  • Provide advice on fall prevention and transfers on and off furniture.
  • Provide advice on positioning and posture which may ease breathing and improve comfort.

What will the treatment consist of?

It all depends upon the reason why you need physiotherapy. Generally a physiotherapist will take a history of your medical condition and how this affects you physically in your day-to-day life. They will assess how you move, any balance problems, weakness or stiffness in muscles or how you transfer on and off various items of furniture.

Where appropriate they will devise an exercise plan which they will talk you and your carer through and check that you are able to undertake the exercises correctly and safely, without fatiguing or injuring yourself. The Physiotherapist would then arrange to check back in at a future date to assess the difference that the exercises have made and make any appropriate changes to your plan as needed.

For the exercises to have an impact they should be carried out on a regular basis with the assistance of your carer, at least a few times a week – the physiotherapist will advise you on the frequency required.

The physiotherapist may decide that it might be appropriate for you to use assistive devices or mobility equipment and in which case they would advise MND Scotland who will contact your MND Clinical Specialist to arrange for the equipment to be delivered from the relevant healthcare provider.

How to Apply

This service is subject to the availability of local physiotherapists being sourced by MND Scotland. To receive treatment you must complete an assessment form to check your suitability for treatments.

If you would like to receive physiotherapy, please complete and submit the electronic Physiotherapy Service application form below.

You can also fill out our paper application, which is available to download from the sidebar above.

Post applications should be sent to:

MND Scotland
Unit 8, 76 Firhill Road
G20 7BA

You can find out more by emailing or call us on 0141 332 3903.

You can also ask your MND Clinical Specialist to make a referral on your behalf.


Physiotherapy Service Application Form

Please click all of the symptoms that apply to you.

Are you in a wheelchair; bedbound?

Please provide the month and year.

Physiotherapy is available weekday mornings, afternoons and evenings. Sessions are also available on weekends in the morning and afternoon.

These notes will only be seen by the physiotherapist who will be treating you and the MND Scotland Client Services Co-ordinator. The notes will be kept on file in case of any cause for complaint or if subsequent treatments are required so the physiotherapist is familiar with treatments already provided. The entire file will be destroyed when no further treatments will be required.

As part of the working procedures with the physiotherapy programme, the MND Scotland Client Services Co-ordinator and the Physiotherapist are required to liaise with your MND Clinical Specialist to ensure that your patient records are kept up-to-date and that the appropriate treatment plan is provided. If you do not give us consent to contact your MND Clinical Specialist we will be unable to accept your application.

We’ll only use your phone number or email address to contact you about this request. However, from time-to-time we’d also like to keep you updated about our work. Please tick your contact preference if you’d like us to keep in touch. Read our privacy policy here.


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What is MND?

Motor Neurone Disease is a rapidly progressing terminal illness, which stops signals from the brain reaching the muscles.

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