Resources for Professionals

We offer support to a range of Health and Social Care professionals working in the field of MND in Scotland.

Unfortunately some of our services have been affected due to Coronavirus. Please click here for all the updates.

MND Scotland serves as a knowledge base for professionals working with people affected by MND.

MND Scotland's Information and Library Service, in conjunction with its Education Service, offers a range of resources and training opportunities to health and social care professionals working in the field of MND. Professionals may also apply for our grants to help pay towards the costs of MND-related courses and training.

Information and Library Service

MND Scotland's Information and Library service provides a comprehensive range of resources on all aspects of MND. We have books, journals and audio-visual materials covering health and social care, disability issues and palliative care. You are welcome to borrow our resources

Education Service

Our Education Service provides support to health and social care professionals by organising study days, offering in-house training to care agencies, hospice staff and social work staff. We also offer awareness training to employers. 

We provide information sessions to newly diagnosed people and their families at our Family Information events ; a member of the MND Clinical Specialist team attends whenever possible.

Recommended Guidelines and Training Resources

  1. Guidelines
    1. MND Guidance and Management Published – NICE 2016, updated July 2019
    2. NICE Quality statement 5: Planning for end of life care 2016
  2. MND Scotland Publications
    1. MND – A Problem Solving Approach for General Practitioners and Allied Health Professionals 2019
    2. MND - Integrated Care Pathway 2012
    3. Information Factsheets
    4. Living with MND videos – These short videos cover the topics of Trips and Falls, Choking and Feeding Tubes
  3. CARE-MND Care and Research platform
  4. Online Training Modules
    1. BMJ – Best practice Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis last reviewed 2020
    2. Royal College of Nursing – MND
  5. New Books
    1. Fact Facts Series - Diagnosing Amyotrophic Later Sclerosis, Turner and Jenkins, 2020, Karger ISBN 9781912776115      

Professional Development Grant

MND Scotland offers a Professional Development Grant, which allows professionals to meet the costs of attending relevant MND-related conferences and training courses. The grant can be used to cover event fees, registration costs, travel and accommodation.

Gordon Aikman Scholarship

This grant allows people living with MND, their carers and health and social care professionals, to apply with practical ideas for research and development, informed by their own experience of living or working with the condition.