Unless you have experienced Motor Neurone Disease first-hand, you can't possibly understand how devastating it really is.

So just imagine...

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10 years ago, few people had heard of Motor Neurone Disease.

A lot has happened in the last decade to help raise the profile of MND: The ice bucket challenge... Stephen Hawking's life story hitting the big screen... and more recently, the diagnosis of Ranger's Fernando Ricksen and Scottish rugby legend, Doddie Weir.

It's very easy to be aware of something without really understanding it.

While far more people have now heard of MND, the depth of knowledge around the devastating effects of the disease is actually very low: Without real understanding, it's extremely difficult to drive home the urgency and importance of finding a cure.

Imagine a world without MND...

We're inviting everyone to "Imagine A World Without MND" so that we can give you a glimpse into the unimaginable reality of what living with (and dying from) Motor Neurone Disease is really like. So now you know — will you dig deep and support us today?

The power to end MND is in our own hands. It's up to all of us to help get the message out there.