Three songs that will get me over the finish line

MND Scotland Chair, Lawrence Cowan, shares three songs that will get him over the line at Edinburgh Half Marathon 2017.

Posted : 25/05/2017

- by Lawrence Cowan, MND Scotland Chair

I'm running the Edinburgh Half Marathon on Sunday in memory of my friend Gordon Aikman. Here are the three songs that'll get me over the finish line.

“You’re not exactly Mo Farah” were the encouraging words of my friend on my first training run. He’s right. I’m no athlete. 

The truth is it’s music - the memories and emotions that it brings back - that will get me over that finish line on Sunday…and three songs in particular:

George Ezra – Budapest

Our group trips to Orkney will always remind me of Gordon. Weeks of great chat, great food and breath-taking views; moments of pure friendship. 

We took a trip up after Gordon’s MND diagnosis. We laughed a lot and cried. For a few moments it felt like MND couldn’t touch us. We were in the moment and that was priceless.

This song was playing in the back of the taxi on our way home. I remember realising that it could be our last “Team Orkney” trip. It was.

Simon and Garfunkel – Mrs Robinson

I can’t listen to this song without thinking of Tuscany. My wife Joanna and I joined Gordon, Joe and his family for a week of wonderful food (notice the theme!) and sun.

Simon and Garfunkel provided the soundtrack to our beautiful drives through the Tuscan countryside…and a few close calls up in the cliffs! A truly unforgettable week. 

Lady Gaga – Poker Face

Gordon helped Joanna and I get together. He was the matchmaker in chief armed with a bottle of Prosecco and the presence of mind to make himself scarce at the right moment.

On nights out Lady Gaga was always playing. Every time this song came on Gordon ordered us to the dance floor.

Fast forward eight years and Joanna and I have been happily married for almost six years and have a wee boy – Fergus Gordon Cowan!

I miss Gordon every day. Training for this half-marathon has helped me with my grief and, most of all, helped me remember the happy times with a wonderful friend; memories that will last beyond his short lifetime.  

Good luck and thank you to everyone who is running to support MND Scotland at the weekend.

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