Balamory Star raises money for MND Scotland

Juliet Cadzow is running a very special raffle, with the top prize being a young female Luing heifer. Funds raised from the draw will go towards MND Scotland, in memory of Juliet’s husband, David MacLennan,

Posted : 10/08/2016

Balamory TV star, Juliet Cadzow, and her family are celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Luing cattle breed, which was established by the Cadzow family in 1966. The Luing Cattle Society will be hosting the Anniversary Open Day on Friday 19th August, with a one of a kind raffle in aid of MND Scotland, as well as farm and stock tours and stock judging.

Funds raised from the draw will go towards MND Scotland, in memory of Juliet’s husband, David MacLennan. 

David, the creator of Oran Mor’s ‘A Play, A Pie and A Pint’ and one of the founding members of the ‘7:84’ and ‘Wildcat’ theatre companies, was diagnosed with MND in January 2013, when he became aware of cramping in his leg and jaw. Sadly, he lost his battle with MND in June 2014, when he was just 65 years old. Since then, Juliet has been an avid fundraiser for MND Scotland, having raised over £13,500 to date.

Juliet said, “I spent much of my childhood on the island of Luing and it is a very special part of my life. David and I were married there and he quickly adopted it as a second home.

"My father, Shane Cadzow, along with his two brothers, Denis and Ralph, bought part of the island of Luing in 1947 and set about establishing a breeding herd that would produce cattle. This became an official breed when it was passed through parliament in 1966. At the 50th Anniversary event, I will do a reading of a piece my husband, David, wrote 10 years ago, about the cattle breed and the Cadzow brothers.

“I am delighted to be going along to the event to support the Luing Cattle Society and also to raise money for an amazing charity, MND Scotland."

Iain McWhirter, Head of Fundraising and Volunteering at MND Scotland, said “We are delighted that the Cadzow family have chosen to support MND Scotland and all the funds raised from the raffle will go towards helping us continue to provide support to people affected by the illness in Scotland, as well as funding vital research to find a cure.

“Juliet to date has raised over £13,500 for MND Scotland and we cannot thank her enough for her continued support. I’d also like to extend my gratitude to the Luing Cattle Society for supporting us at this momentous event.”

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“Over the past two years audiences at the pantomimes and plays I have performed in, have been so generous, and now the farming community has got behind this worthy cause with over £3,500 raised so far.”

Juliet Cadzow