Let's do Net Zero

MND Scotland commits to being a Net Zero charity by the end of 2025.

Posted : 23/12/2021

MND Scotland commits to being a Net Zero charity by the end of 2025.

The world’s top climate experts agree – the world is facing a massive carbon problem. As a result of human activity, the increasing amount of carbon in our atmosphere has created a blanket of gas that traps heat and is warming the planet.

Scientists agree that, to avoid further damage to the environment, the world must take urgent action to bring down carbon emissions. Ultimately, we must reach “net zero” emissions, meaning that we must remove as much carbon as we emit each year, to prevent further global warming.

In 2019 Scotland became the first country in the world to declare a climate emergency and, following the 2021 UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow, more countries, communities and businesses are being asked to come forward with their own net zero targets.

That’s why MND Scotland is announcing its goal of becoming a net zero charity by the end of 2025.

MND Scotland’s net zero goal will be incorporated into our next three-year strategy, which will be published in 2022, however work is already underway to begin measuring our current carbon emissions, so that we can establish a baseline against which we can measure our progress.

Rachel Maitland, Chief Executive of MND Scotland, said: “We are announcing the beginning of MND Scotland’s journey towards net zero emissions.

“This announcement commits us to including net zero goals in our next three-year strategy and working to find ways to reduce emissions as soon as possible. This will involve making changes to the way we heat our buildings, how our staff members get around and how we work with suppliers, among other measures.

“As a charity, our top priority will always be improving the lives of people affected by motor neurone disease, and funding research to find a cure, but we must also recognise that we play a role in a wider context.

“We look forward to publishing more detail around our efforts in the months and years ahead and we will also be looking for ways to involve our volunteers, donors and fundraisers in helping us all reach net zero faster.”