MND and 22 Year Old Me

Lucy Lintott, was diagnosed with MND when she was just 19. Now she's opening her home to the world through a BBC documentary.

Posted : 25/07/2017

Lucy Lintott, who was diagnosed with MND when she was just 19, is now sharing her story in a new BBC Scotland documentary called MND and 22-Year-Old Me.

Filmed over a six-month period, it shows Lucy loving and living life but also confronting the increasing constraints of the illness.

She said to the Daily Record: “It’s been three years since I was diagnosed and the more this crappy condition takes hold, the more I worry my personality will slip away.

“Making the programme was a great experience because it made me try new things.

“I finally found enough confidence to go on my first date and also enjoyed a night out with my friends for the first time in years.”

Craig Stockton, CEO of MND Scotland, said “Motor Neurone Disease is a cruel and indiscriminate illness. It takes so much from people – it can take away someone’s ability to walk, talk, eat, drink and breathe unaided. There is currently no cure or effective treatment.

“Lucy is a bright, bubbly, inspirational young woman, who has achieved so much at such a young age. In the face of a devastating diagnosis she has dedicated her time to raising awareness of the illness, fundraising for MND Scotland and inspiring those around her.

"Now Lucy is inviting the world into her home. Her bravery to share her experience, and show people what life with MND is like for her, is extraordinary.

“We cannot thank Lucy enough for the amazing work she has done to increase the profile of MND, and for raising over £100,000 to help MND Scotland continue to support people affected by illness in Scotland, as well as fund research which will bring us a day closer to cure.”

MND and 22-Year-Old Me was aired on Tuesday, August 1, on BBC Two Scotland at 9pm.

You can catch-up on BBC iPlayer, where the programme will be available until 10pm on Thursday 31st August 2017.