MND Scotland launches General Election Manifesto

Find out how you can get your local General Election candidates to pledge their support to our Manifesto for People with MND.

MND Scotland launches General Election Manifesto

Posted : 24/05/2017

We're calling on you to encourage your local General Election candidates to pledge their support to the MND Manifesto.

In response to this year’s snap general election, MND Scotland has produced a Manifesto for People Affected by MND. It highlights issues reserved to Westminster, and calls for parties and candidates to commit to: 

  • Double MND research funding to help find a cure:
  • Effectively fast track welfare benefits for people with MND

We have sent the manifesto to the main party HQs for consideration in their own manifesto development but we need your help.

How you can help

  1. Use our quick and easy email generator to contact your local candidates asking them to support our manifesto.
  2. Talk to your local candidate, on street stalls, at hustings, if you are canvassed. Make sure they know what is important to you and your family and how supporting this manifesto and putting it into action could make your life better if they are elected.
  3. Use social media to share our campaign. You could tweet your local candidates and ask them to support our #MNDManifesto17.
  4. Get your friends and family involved too - ask them to contact their candidates and share our manifesto.

This General Election manifesto follows the council elections, which took place across Scotland on 4th May.  Prior to those elections, we launched our council elections MND Manifesto, using the views and experiences of people with MND, their families and carers to highlight the key issues they face living with MND every day.  We have had a positive response to the manifesto which helped raise awareness of MND and ensured candidates understood how they can support constituents affected by MND, if elected.

Shortly afterwards, a snap General Election was announced by the Prime Minister, due to take place on 8th June.  In response, we swiftly produced another manifesto highlighting key issues for people with MND reserved to Westminster such as UK research and, currently, welfare benefits. 


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