MND Scotland reveals brand refresh

Introducing a vibrant new look and feel for MND Scotland

Posted : 10/06/2022


Making Time Count - A bold new chapter for MND Scotland

Today we are introducing a brand-new logo for MND Scotland, as we take a big step towards driving our future growth as a charity. 

Our current logo - the Cornflower - has been a beloved symbol of our cause since it was introduced in 2009. But as we mark the end of our 40th anniversary year, and as we look to the future, we’ve asked ourselves if the Cornflower encapsulates everything about who we are, what we do and why we exist. 

As a symbol of hope it does represent our continued commitment to investing in research to find effective treatments and a cure. However, it doesn’t capture the many other ways in which we are privileged to support people affected by MND on a daily basis, nor the fact that MND Scotland is unique in being the only MND charity in Scotland to directly deliver that support.

That is why we’ve decided now is the time for the Cornflower to become a part of our rich and celebrated history, as we embrace the bold, the brave and the new.


A helping hand of support

Today we introduce our new logo – the helping hand of support. 

Since our charity was founded in 1981, we have been the front line against motor neuron disease (MND) in Scotland. We fund ground-breaking MND research and world-class clinical trials. We campaign to fix a broken system and to secure lasting change.

But much of our day-to-day work is in making time count for people with MND and the loved ones supporting them.

Whether that’s helping families make memories through accessible holidays, grants to improve quality of life, or an Advocate to fight their corner and secure essential home adaptations faster, we are here to help.

Our refreshed visual identity encapsulates why we are here.

When time matters most, we’re a helping hand of support, so you can make precious time count with the ones you love.


A word from Co-founder Peigi Macleod

Forty years ago, the Scottish MND Association was founded in the front room of Peigi and John Macleod, after police officer John was diagnosed with MND and could find little support.

Since 1981 our name has changed, and our logo has changed and evolved too. But the one thing that hasn’t changed, nor will it, is our commitment to the people we serve.

“John’s determination from the outset was to support individuals and families with this devastating disease and to find a cure for MND.

“The new branding and logo are part of the evolution of the charity and will help grow fundraising for those needing support and the researchers working to find a cure.

“John would be delighted to know where the charity is today. However, I can hear him saying: ‘Don’t stop now, get on with it!’”


Peigi Macleod | Co-founder



The first page of a new chapter

This announcement is just the beginning of the positive change. We’ve been growing and changing for 40 years, but today marks a renewal of our focus, drive and determination to improve lives and make lasting change.

Our new branding is a part of a wider campaign to raise awareness of MND and the work we do. We want to ensure that everyone across the country knows about MND Scotland and the ways we are here to support people with MND, through our practical, financial and wellbeing support services.

Next month we will be launching our new three-year strategy and will begin to significantly and sustainably increase the range of services we offer to people with MND and the loved ones supporting them.

Thereafter we’ll be launching a brand-new website, with improved functionality for fundraisers and the people we support. We’ll also be launching brand-new merchandise and a range of new fundraising events to help more people get involved with supporting the charity.

Thank you

MND Scotland continues to go from strength to strength because of your support. Thank you for being on this journey with us.

Together, we’ll make time count and beat MND.


All stock must go!

Whilst we only hold small numbers of merchandise, our rebrand does mean that we do have some items in stock which carry the current branding. In anticipation of our exciting new logo, all existing items in our shop are now 50% off, so get a bargain while you can and help support our work by grabbing a retro memento. 

The MND Scotland shop will close temporarily on 1st July so grab a deal while stocks last!

quote marks

“John would be delighted to know where the charity is today. However, I can hear him saying: ‘Don’t stop now, get on with it!’”

Peigi Macleod | Co-founder

Peigi Macleod | Co-founder