Ask the Experts 2018

We hosted an Ask the Experts session, which aimed to give people with MND and their carers the opportunity to hear from some of the world's MND experts and to ask them questions.

MND Scotland hosted an 'Ask the Experts' session on Wednesday 5th December 2018, in partnership with the International Alliance of ALS/MND Associations.

The event took place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Glasgow, Scotland ahead of the International Symposium on ALS/MND.

The event was attended by an audience of people affected by MND from around the world, who gathered to hear the latest research into MND and to ask them questions.

Our Ask the Experts event was live streamed on social media, and a full video of this can be viewed below, or on MND Scotland's YouTube channel.

Watch the event:


Each of our experts has agreed to make their slides available as a downloadable PDF. You can download each of these by clicking on the links below.

>>> Dr Brian Dickie, MND Association <<<

Dr Brian Dickie began the session with a talk on the potential causes and contributory factors to the development of MND.

>>> Professor Dame Pamela Shaw, Sheffield University <<<

Professor Dame Pamela Shaw spoke on the topic of current key developments in MND research and looking towards the future.

>>> Dr Bhuvaneish Selvaraj & Dr Arpan Mehta, Euan MacDonald Centre <<<

The team from the Euan MacDonald centre spoke on the importance of using stem cells in MND research.

>>> Professor Orla Hardiman, Director of the National ALS Clinic & Irish ALS Research Group <<<

Professor Orla Hardiman spoke on the topic of clinical trials in MND and why it is a time for optimism in MND research.

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