Developing Telehealth in MND

Dr Esther Hobson and Professor Christopher McDermott are perfecting a telehealth system for people with MND.

Telehealth is a system which aims to increase communication between patients, carers, and care providers, to ensure that care is maintained at a high standard.

This project is being led by Dr Esther Hobson and Prof Christopher McDermott, from the University of Sheffield.

People with MND often live in remote areas, meaning that access to regular catch-ups with their health specialists are less frequent, or that long journeys into clinic are required.

In partnership with people living with MND in Yorkshire, Dr Hobson and Professor McDermott have developed a prototype app called TiM (Telehealth in MND) which allows people with MND and their carers to monitor their condition at home. The information is also sent to the MND care team who can see how the patient is doing and immediately act on any problems.

The system aims to improve communication between patients, carers, and their care providers, so that the quality of life for people with MND can be maintained at a high standard.

New funding from MND Scotland will enable the team to develop the app further, working with people with MND across Scotland and England, to fit in with NHS services around the UK. The team will also link the system with Scotland’s CARE-MND platform, which monitors and audits the provision of care for people with MND nationally.

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