Linking Symptoms to Genes in MND

Danielle Leighton began her 36 month Research Fellowship in August 2015.

Danielle’s role is to collect information about MND patients’ clinical condition and their genetic make-up.

Under the supervision of Professor Siddharthan Chandran and Dr Suvankar Pal, she will then look to see if there is any link between what genes someone has and what clinical symptoms they develop.

It is becoming clear that awareness of genetic abnormalities is vital to our understanding of MND. To assess the significance of these findings, it is crucial to see how these genetic abnormalities relate to each individual’s symptoms. By studying this, researchers hope to be able to identify genetic markers which are important in our population in Scotland. Through this process, the hope is to reduce time to diagnosis, predict prognosis and deliver better care.

To get involved in this research people with MND can join the Scottish MND Register

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Danielle Leighton

This post is jointly funded by MND Scotland, MND Association, and the Chief Scientist Office. Danielle is based at the University of Edinburgh, but travels throughout Scotland meeting people with MND.

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“It is a very exciting time to be involved in MND research. New discoveries give hope to our research teams and we want people with MND in Scotland to be able to share this hope. I am extremely grateful to everyone who has raised funds for MND Scotland – your continued help and support underpins all our work.”

Danielle Leighton

Danielle Leighton

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