World-Wide Research

Thanks to research happening across the globe, we know more about Motor Neurone Disease (MND) than ever before.

Research into MND is moving at a very fast pace and we are finding out more nearly every day.

 Find out more about what's happening across the world in MND research below: 

We are aware that there are a number of clinics around the world offering stem cell treatments for people with MND and the internet has many websites that promote effective MND treatments for purchase.

In nearly all of these cases, there is no evidence of safety and in all of them; there is no proof of benefit. Furthermore, these treatments are often extremely expensive, capitalising on desperation and hope, and many people with MND spend critical life savings or raise funds through family and friends for an opportunity to save their life.

Like all unproven treatments MND Scotland does not endorse these stem cell therapies because they are untested in clinical trials or have no legitimate scientific evidence to back-up their claims. MND Scotland does not advocate for any treatment unless it is proven to be safe and effective.

While it is up to each individual person whether or not they choose to pay for, and receive, unproven treatments for MND, we would strongly encourage anyone with MND who is considering this to discuss all the implications with their neurologist before making a decision.

We will continue to fund vital MND research, thanks to the generous donations from our supporters, so that one day we will realise our vision of a world without MND.


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