Your Team of Professionals

When you have received a diagnosis of MND you will be looked after by a team of professionals.

Members of your team may change depending on your symptoms and needs as the disease progresses.

Your team can often include the below people, but is not a full list of who may be involved:

General Practitioner (GP)

Your GP is your main point of contact and will be the gate-keeper of all the below services, which may be provided. 

A Neurologist

A neurologist is a doctor who specialises in diseases of the nervous system. They will be able to confirm a diagnosis of MND and help you to manage symptoms, sometimes by referring you to other specialists. 

MND Clinical Specialist

You will be given the opportunity to meet a local member of the Scottish MND Clinical Specialist Team. The MND Clinical Specialist will assess what help needs to be pulled in from community and health services in order to give you the support you need to live at home.  Once the initial issues are dealt with the clinical specialist will keep in contact.  If your circumstances or symptoms change it is important that you let the clinical specialist know about this change as soon as possible. 

Occupational Therapist (OT)

An OT’s role is to help you maintain your normal activities of daily life as much as possible.  To do this they may suggest other ways of working, or specialist equipment to help with activities you are having problems with. 

Speech and Language Therapist (SLT)

If you are having problems with swallowing or communication an SLT may help identify solutions to manage these. 

District Nurses

District Nurses offer a range of services within the home during the day, evening and night, such as changing dressings or giving injections.  They can advise you and teach your family how to become as independent as possible and still meet your needs at home. 


Dieticians work closely with SLTs and can provide advice on an appropriate diet to help you maintain your weight, or prescribe foods if you are losing weight or using a feeding tube. 


A physiotherapist can help advise you by suggesting exercises to keep your joints supple, and with seating and positioning to help maximise comfort. MND Scotland offers a free Physiotherapy Service - find out more. 

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